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Northside Festival’s Music NOW Summit Announces Sessions and Panelists

The Northside Festival and AT&T are proud to introduce The Music Now Summit to this year’s roster of events.

There is no single area of the music industry that looks exactly the way it did five years ago. Innovations in technology drastically alter the infrastructure on which we function, and everyone scrambles to either [...]

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The Secret Salsa Sauce from Grupo Arcano

We recently enjoyed some music from Latin Salsa band Grupo Arcano, and we literally couldn’t keep our hips from moving. We sat down with George Velez to find out more about their secret salsa sauce!

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Mike Huppe Shares the Magic of SoundExchange at SXSW 2012

“It’s less about the purchase and more about the play”, states Mike Huppe, President of SoundExchange, a non-profit performance rights organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), Internet radio (like Pandora), cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings.

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