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Matt Sucich gives us a little “Jubilation & Jealousy”

Written By: Lynda on March 15, 2011 No Comment

How did “esmatteo” come about? Did someone call you that or was that something you have been called forever?  

A friend of mine jokingly called me that once, and when I needed a website it came to me as a good way to get people there, as opposed to my name which isn’t as simple as others.  I also like that it’s mildly confusing from a language standpoint…people ask if I’m Spanish (no) and/or Italian (yes), and I like to see them scratch their heads when I hand them a card. 
By the way, Sucich is pronounced Sue.Sitch.


Everyone is always looking to place music into a genre – what category would you put your music into?

I generally call it “Reverb-a-Folk”…I’d say its that familiar cross between electric tinged/acoustic based/songwriter focused music.   


What is the title track or single off of your next album? What made you choose this song?

The title track is “Jubilation & Jealousy.” I play out in NYC pretty much every night of the week, and after I wrote this song it instantly connected with the audience.  It’s the high and the low. For example: the supreme joy you feel when someone writes an amazing song and you love it so much that you wish you wrote it. There’s no escaping that in all walks of life.   It’s the title track because the concept is so broad… and also because of it’s kick ass alliteration.  Plus my friend Marc said it’d be a good album title. 


What will the album be called and where did you produce it?

The album is called Jubilation & Jealousy

I produced it in 2 places:    1. I recorded about 95% at a friends house in Pennsylvania over the course of one week back in November.  I’d been going through a pretty rough patch, and I’m pretty certain I was unpleasant to be around.  I knew the only way I’d be productive was to isolate myself.  So I drove out with all of my equipment (guitars, mics & laptop) to this house that was completely renovated, but also completely unfurnished. An air mattress, a case of Abita TurboDog, some homemade chicken soup and I got cracking. Things got scary when the sun went down, though. I had to tape paper against the windows so neighbors couldn’t see in and exposed lightbulbs everywhere, no lamp shade, with a pitch black forest outside.  

Also, I didn’t have enough paper to get all the windows. frightening.
The second location was my apartment in Astoria, Queens. All of the post production was done over the next few months. Just a lot of listening and mixing in my living room, with a pretty limited number of overdubs. 

My friend Devon C. Johnson took on the mastering duties once it was all said and done, and aside from the drums which were performed by Matt Farina, and amazing cover art by my good friend James Vanderberg – I’m proud to say I created this album from cover to cover, production, design and all. 
Proof to those who are looking to make a record on a budget. IT CAN BE DONE! 

Musicians come from all walks of life and start playing/performing for many reasons. What did you do first sing or play guitar? How long have you been doing both?

I played guitar first. Unless you count singing oldies on the way to Montauk, Long Island with my family as a kid. When I was 18, my friend Scott bought a guitar and our competitive relationship just begged me to pick it up. I haven’t stopped playing since. Singing became a necessity because I was writing songs. Popular song covers are one of my least favorite things to do as a musician. I didn’t generally call myself a singer because I can’t sing popular songs like those artists do, and when I try, I just feel silly…which is why Im very uncomfortable when karaoke is nearby. I had no choice but to find my own voice.


Who are the other members of your band and how did you meet them?

I don’t exactly have a steady band, but at Joe’s Pub the extremely talented Brian Kesley will be playing bass for me, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Rubbing elbows on the NYC music scene, I saw Brian play bass for a good friend, and beautiful songwriter, Jamie Bendell. I was instantly impressed by his style and told him I’d be in touch when my record was finished.  When the time came, he was the first person I called.

I’m also thrilled to be playing with my friend Matt Farina on drums. He and I have played out a few times together, and it’s his drum work that you’ll hear on the record. It’s only fitting that he be the one to play those songs live on the 26th.  We share a batch of mutual friends from growing up in Astoria, Queens together. 

What is the best show you have ever done and why?

Opening for the legendary Levon Helm at his Midnight Ramble in Woodstock, NY with my band of friends: The Vanderettes.  It’s a tough one, because it was early on and there are a lot of times I think back to that moment and slightly cringe. I never felt like I was fully ready, but I also couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Regardless of my own self confidence issues at the time, there’s no discounting that it was an IMMENSE learning experience, in one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever played. The crowd is always warm and attentive. The staff is welcoming and friendly. And Levon is just about the nicest guy in the world.  A great memory. I hope I have the chance to make it back there eventually and knock their socks off. 

If I could give you a second best, it would have to be at Caffe Vivaldi in NYC last month. I play at their open mic every Monday, and when I finally did a full set there, the place was packed to the brim. It was just a wonderful night, and I’m so grateful to the amazing people I’ve met so far…they keep me inspired, motivated and level headed. 


If there was one thing you wanted people to walk away with after they hear your music, what would it be?

I can’t lie to you…some of my songs are sad. But they’re also pretty melodic.  I swear I’m not as down as I might lead on, but when you find yourself alone in thought, this stuff just comes out.  There is a demand for it, though, and I hope that people hear the songs and it helps them deal with those universal themes the way similar songs have helped me. 

When is your album release? Where? – The 5 W’s please.

Who: Matt Sucich

What: Jubilation & Jealousy at Joe’s Pub – Record Release

Where: Joe’s Pub (425 Lafayette Street at Astor Place Street, New York, NY) get tickets here: http://www.joespub.com/component/option,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,5675  

When: Saturday, March 26th – 11:30pm

Why? because!!

The album is currently online exclusively through my bandcamp page: http://music.EsMatteo.com  I’m encouraging folks to pick it up there because there’s no set price. YOU PAY WHAT YOU LIKE! and you get a bonus PDF with liner notes/art & lyrics. iTunes will be carrying it soon, as well as all other online retailers, but support the start ups (ie: myself & bandcamp!)  


Where can people learn more about you and your music? 

www.EsMatteo.com – this is the main hub for all things related to me and my music. You can link to all the major social network sites from here…it’s just easier that way. If you practically live on Facebook, just go straight here and “Like” me…I dare ya:  http://www.Facebook.com/MattSucich

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